Gold Price Remarkable Surge Amidst Middle East Tensions

gold price

In a stunning three-day gold price surge, the value of bullion has soared, edging closer to levels not witnessed in several months. This remarkable run can be attributed to the escalating tensions in the Middle East. Which persist in fueling the demand for this precious asset. Nevertheless, the anticipation of forthcoming changes in Federal Reserve policies may potentially restrain this upward momentum, particularly with the imminent release of the US PCE Price Index.

Gold Price Ascendance in Asian Trading

In the Asian trading session on Friday, the price of gold (XAU/USD) has seized the market’s attention, marking its third consecutive day of substantial gains. This bullish trend is propelled by the steadfast demand for safe-haven assets, significantly influenced by the ongoing turmoil in the Middle East. Furthermore, a weakened performance by the US Dollar (USD) is providing additional impetus to this valuable commodity. Despite these developments, gold still falls short of the recent peak it achieved last Friday, reflecting the prevailing belief that the Federal Reserve (Fed) will sustain high-interest rates for an extended period.

A Prudent Approach

Market participants are treading cautiously regarding the gold price. Refraining from adopting aggressive stances as they await the unveiling of the United States (US) Personal Consumption Expenditure (PCE) Price Index. This data will wield substantial influence on market expectations concerning future policy adjustments by the Fed, subsequently affecting the dynamics of the USD and lending momentum to the non-yielding gold asset. Despite this caution, XAU/USD appears well-positioned to record incremental gains for the third consecutive week.

Gold Price (XAU/USD) Technical Analysis

For gold to regain control, it must surmount the critical $2,000 milestone.

A close examination of the technical facets reveals that the Relative Strength Index (RSI) on the daily chart hovers close to the 70-point threshold. This suggests that the gold price might be nearing overbought territory, prompting prudent consideration among bullish traders. Consequently, any further upward movements are likely to encounter notable resistance before breaching the psychological barrier of $2,000. This level marks a pivotal juncture for short-term traders. A decisive breakthrough would pave the way for additional advances toward the next significant obstacle situated around the $2,022 region.

On the flip side, the $1,980 level is anticipated to serve as a supportive platform, followed by the $1,972-$1,970 range. A convincing breach below the latter range could lead to a retracement in the gold price. Revisiting the weekly low in the vicinity of the $1,953-$1,952 area, observed earlier this week. If selling pressure persists, it could expose the technically crucial 200-day Simple Moving Average (SMA) support, currently positioned near the $1,932-$1,931 range.


In conclusion, the surge in gold’s value amidst Middle East tensions is an intriguing phenomenon. The ongoing conflict in the region continues to stoke demand for this precious metal, while factors like the weakened US Dollar and cautious market sentiment play their roles in influencing its trajectory. As we closely watch the release of the US PCE Price Index, the fate of gold’s upward momentum remains uncertain. However, the technical analysis suggests potential hurdles and opportunities, with $2,000 acting as a crucial threshold.

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